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Episode 188 || Extreme Lightning

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Because Gray and Gajeel are gentlemen and Laxus is a masochist

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Anonymous Asked:
Laxus lost a bet and now has to model your underwear to the guild.

My answer:


In typical Laxus fashion, no further explanation was provided.

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This was supposed to be 5 followers ago (since I celebrated 42, 142 and 242 followers) but thesis was in the way of EVERYTHING but I hope you like it, guys~ Thank you so much for staying with me tho I’m this miraxus-driven puddle of feels.


imagine an FT AU where everything is the same except all of them are anthropomorphic dogs like in Pound Puppies or smthn I’d cry and die of kawaii overdose I swear

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And this is EXACTLY why I never said anything…

The two sides of Mirajane Strauss

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oh hehehe~ thank you so much~ I’m so honored ;v; 💕 haha and here you go! I never thought that I would have to draw laxus again ahaha He was soooo hard to draw hope I did him right this time hope you like it~ 😊
hehe this was supposed to be a princess and prince then I noticed how Mira’s design was similar to princess peach then I made it a mario crossover then I noticed… “HEY! M and L! Mario and Luigi… MIRA AND LAXUS! 😂” ahahah XD



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Knights of Iris - Page 073

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